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OK, I'll start by flipping through my bookmarks, and I'll add stuff as suggestions come in. The categories are sometimes fairly fuzzy too--openclipart has vectorized scans of old illustrations, morguefile has both stock photo-like things and textures, etc.

Please let me know if any of these links die or stop being free to remix.
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[personal profile] fish_echo2010-07-17 06:52 pm
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Image search: shadows holding cameras &/ binocs/scopes/etc

I'm looking for photos of any and all of the following sorts of images (which have licenses which permit creative works or which are ones which I can ask the owner for such permission):
  • shadow of a person holding a camera, taken by someone other than the person holding the camera
  • shadow of a person holding binoculars or a telescope or any other sort of far-seeing thing.

  • crossposted to [personal profile] fish_echo and [community profile] pixelhunters.

    Getting the ball rolling: tentacle-themed art curation

    I thought I'd round up some squid/octopus/etc images!

    Tentacles ahoy! )

    Click the images for the sources; please respect attribution requests or other license terms :)
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    Affiliates post

    Affiliate DW comms:

    [community profile] gimp_gate

    Comment here if you'd like a comm to be affiliated with [community profile] pixelhunters!

    Oh hey, the comm could use an icon!

    Can you design some icons for the community? Ideally using public domain sources, of course :)